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Clean Needle Technique For Acupuncture

Clean Needle Technique For Acupuncture
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Infection management – Practitioner’s Hygiene

Physical cleanliness includes not solely adequate hand laundry, however, it additionally includes such things as sporting clean garments (i.e. lab coat), long hair being tied back, and nails being unbroken clean and short. Cuts/abrasions ought to be lined by and a band-aid and/or glove. don’t work with Associate in Nursing higher metabolism condition.

Hand laundry –

A practician ought to wash their hands before and once every patient contact. Soap with Associate in Nursing medicament agent is most popular and powerfully counseled. Clean paper towels ought to be wont to dry the hands. once laundry your hands, friction and running water area unit vital to assist take away surface germs from the stratum layer of the skin.

Germ Theory –

If a sterile object touches a non-sterile surface, the thing is not any longer sterile. All needles should be properly sterilized for needle insertion. The shafts of the needle, particularly longer needles, are often stable with a sterile plant disease or sterile gauze. If the needle touches any object (i.e. pants, clothing, bed) or if it’s born on the ground, the needle is taken into account as contaminated and may not be used. All used alcohol swabs and needle packaging should be disposed of from the clean space. Suction cups that are available in contact with the skin need either sterilization or medical care before every use.

Packaging –

All needles that area unit pre-packaged ought to be checked for sterilization expiration dates. Any package that’s wet, torn, or terminated is not any longer thought of sterile.

Types of Sterilization
1. Steam
2. Boiling
3. Dry heat sterilization
4. Chemical sterilization

3 kinds of medical care
1. grouping – includes chemical element and
2. Phenol – pure phenol comes from the pitch
3. Alcohol – 2 kinds of alcohol: Isopropyl and ethyl radical

There area unit three kinds of Antisepsis
1. Iodine
2. Alcohols
3. Hexachlorophenes

Iodine may be an in-style antiseptic, and it’s utilized in concentrations of 70%-90%. take care with mistreatment iodine, because it will leave permanent stains on the vesture. alcohol is a good antiseptic likewise. perpetually keep lids of alcohol bottles closed to stay a hundred concentration. once wiping the skin, the plant disease or swab ought to be applied in one fluid wipe. don’t swipe the skin in an exceedingly back and forth or circular motion. Alcohol mustn’t be applied to secretion membranes or open wounds.

Needle Disposal

All needles should be discarded in correct sharps containers in step with Public Health Regulation. Alcohol swabs or cotton balls ought to be discarded into the trash unless they’re utterly soaked in blood.

Iatrogenic Complications

1. Forgotten Needle: There are instances wherever a practician has forgotten to require a needle out. Practitioners ought to try and keep a needle count. this could scale back the danger of forgotten needles. A forgotten needle may cause attainable harm/injury.

2. Broken Needle: terribly skinny needles (thirty-four gauge) area unit additional prone to break throughout insertion. A broken needle with the shaft visible higher than the skin could also be safely removed in an exceedingly sterile clamp, however, if a needle has broken and it’s at a lower place the surface of the skin, it’ll need a medical referral.

3. secured or Stuck Needle: secured or a stuck needle may result from muscle spasms or if the patient moves. The lead to a stuck needle as a result of the muscle tissue around the needle spasms and locks the needle in situ. once this happens the needle ought to never be forcibly removed. you need to stop the electron-ACU-punctos cope and permit the patient to rest. Gently massage the world or meridian of the stuck needle helps with the discharge of the needle. If the stuck needle may be a result of the patient moving, the patient ought to assume the original position then the needle is often taken out.


It is one in every of the foremost ordinarily according to complications of stylostixis within the Medical Literature. An abnormality happens once the surface of the respiratory organ is perforated, permitting air to depart from the respiratory organ into the pleural cavity. the foremost common purpose concerned is GB21 and points around the neck and arch. the simplest bar is that the use of correct needle depth and angle.

Blood Vessel

The puncture of tiny superficial veins isn’t uncommon. once this happens, one should apply pressure on the affected website for concerning one minute. The practician should inform the tolerant a hematoma. blood vessel puncture is additional serious. you need to apply firm pressure for concerning 3-5 minutes for harm of a tiny low artery.

Organ Puncture

All organs area unit is prone to be perforated if needed incorrectly. The organs that area unit additional prone to being perforated area unit the bladder, kidneys, enlarged spleen or liver. and also the bodily cavity. If one is needing lower abdominal points because the patient to empty their bladder.

Spinal Cord Trauma

Loss of sensation or movement may result from a needle that penetrates the funiculus.


Inflammation of the nerve may result from needling directly over nerves or from needling mistreatment robust electrical stimulation. If the nerve is inflamed, the patient may expertise symptoms, electrical sensation, or motor weakness.


Allergic eczema

Signs and symptoms embrace redness of the skin, Associate in Nursing itching/burning sensation, and pain or discomfort at the location of insertion. stylostixis needles containing nickel and atomic number 24 are glorious to cause allergic eczema.

Miscellaneous Infections

Miscellaneous infections that may occur, embrace blood disorder, osteomyelitis, microorganism carditis, infectious disease, and infectious disease. the sole strategies of a bar for these conditions area unit the utilization of sterile needles and identification of unsound patients.

Other Complications Or Aspect Effects

1. Nausea – nausea could also be knowledgeable by the patient if robust parasympathetic stimulation happens throughout needling. Needles ought to be withdrawn like a shot if nausea or reflux persists.

2. traditional aspect Effects – you may usually hear comments similar to “I feel light-headed” or “mild disorientation” or “euphoria”. These are units all traditional aspect effects of stylostixis. typically the patient can also feel cold with prolonged needle retention (more than 20-30 minutes).

Contraindications To Treatment

People who area unit underneath the influence of medicine or alcohol, those with Associate in the Nursing empty abdomen, people who area unit showing emotion unstable or people who have simply finished work up mustn’t be treated with stylostixis.

Contraindications Of Electro-Acupuncture

When mistreatment the electro-ACU-punctos cope, the present ought to never cross the rear of the chest. the 2 branches of an equivalent conductor should air an equivalent aspect of the patient’s body. Electro-acupuncture is contraindicated throughout the physiological conditions and in those patients with any variety of cardiac muscles.


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