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Choosing a Career in Physical Therapy?

Choosing a Career in Physical Therapy?
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One of the various medical specialties is physical therapy, commonly known as physiotherapy. Physical therapy is a collection of rehabilitation techniques used to help body parts with little or no mobility regain function. Although it is a different type of therapy and a different profession, it has many similarities to occupational therapy.

Your job ambitions, the amount of work you are willing to put in, your financial status, and your overall personal circumstances will all determine whether or not you should become a physical therapist. You may learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of a physical therapy job from this article.

The benefits of Physical Therapy.

1. Good Average Pay

The median annual pay for physical therapists in 2020 ranged from INR 629,220 to INR 1,102,719, with the lowest paid earning just under 75,000 and the highest paid just over 200,000. To put it into perspective, the annual compensation of a physical therapist assistant is typically around 500,000.

The precise salary an individual receives depends depend on their level of education, area of expertise, number of years of experience, and the jurisdiction in which the physical therapist is licenced.

Physical therapists can make their own schedules, if necessary, so they could include time for side occupations to earn extra money in addition to their regular therapy hours.

2.Work-Life Compatibility

The majority of physical therapists are freelancers. Because of this, people are free to work whenever they choose or need to. Even if it necessitates self-efficacy, this presents people with a job option that allows for flexibility in work-life balance. You might not have this option if you work in a clinical or hospital setting, but in most circumstances, you can pick and choose when to work, for example, by adding hours on Monday or making Friday a half-day.

3. Medical expertise and originality

To counteract numerous rehabilitative treatment methods, physical therapists require a detailed grasp of how the body works. Because of this, it is a well-respected professional choice. Based on their medical expertise and what is prescribed in the curricula, physical therapists artistically develop fresh and cutting-edge methods for helping the body heal. This feeling of independence stimulates the mind and attracts lots of people.

4. Different Work Environments

A physical therapist may practise in a range of medical settings, including:

  • Hospitals;
  • Rehabilitation centers;
  • Clinics;
  • Schools;
  • Gyms/fitness centers;
  • Nursing homes.

Careers in physical therapy are not restricted to a single workplace. License holders are free to choose a job location that suits them. Additionally, they get to interact with a variety of patients, including adults, kids, and those with a range of illnesses. A physical therapist can hone and improve their craft with the exposure that comes from working with different people in different medical settings.

5. Job Fulfillment

Since you work directly with people and can immediately measure your progress, physical therapy frequently provides a stronger sense of job satisfaction than other professions. Since the injuries and patients change every day, the work is also always mentally demanding and lessens the likelihood of burnout.

6. Entrepreneurial Opportunities

You can start your own physical therapy practise if you have enough money or can get a large enough loan. Owning your own business involves more risk, but it also typically offers greater financial rewards than working for another physical therapist or organisation.

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