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Knee Ligament Injuries

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Ligament tears, primarily of the anterior cruciform ligament (ACL), area unit unremarkably the season-ending injuries we tend to hear concerning in sports. although male athletes create the headlines, girl’s expertise ACL tears 7-8 times a lot of frequently than men thanks to secretion and anatomical reasons.

The knee has two collateral (parallel) ligaments and a pair of cruciform (crossing) ligaments. The medial collateral ligament (MCL) and also the lateral collateral ligament (LCL) offer support to the knee by limiting the sideways motion of the joint. The anterior cruciform ligament (ACL) and also the posterior cruciform ligament (PCL) stabilize the knee by limiting the rotation and also the forward and backward movement of the joint.

The MCL, the foremost unremarkably hors de combat collateral ligaments, is usually a result of a blow to the outer aspect of the knee. AN ACL injury, the foremost common cruciform ligament injury, happens once the knee is secured with the foot planted and also the knee is twisted quickly. Athletes needed to form explosive directional changes or to bog down quickly and people connected sports area unit at high risk for ACL tears.

Minor tears might go unmarked straight away and can seem some hours later with pain and swelling. a lot of serious ACL tears area unit in the course of severe pain and infrequently a pop sound. The knee might feel like one thing has snapped and walking or bending the knee is sometimes not possible.

Administering ice and compression straight away reduces pain and swelling. Treatment differs counting on the degree of instability and also the patient’s activity level. several ligament injuries heal with rest and cold compression followed by Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ to greatly speed the healing rate of the hors de combat soft tissue. Once your knee has improved somewhat, it is suggested that you just build muscle strength around the knee with light stretching victimization the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device underneath the steerage of a physiotherapist or medical man to complete your come back to traditional and facilitate forestall re-injury within the knee. If AN hors de combat ligament doesn’t strengthen befittingly or AN contestant continues to expertise the knee giving means, arthroscopic surgery and ligament reconstruction are also necessary. Read More



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