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Leg Pain And Injury – Normal And Physiotherapy Treatment

Leg pain and injury
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Leg pain and injury are common nowadays. we all are playing some sports games and this is the biggest reason that 90% of people get hurt while playing and another reason is the weakness in the body. leg pain and injury are widespread. Blood clot and poor circulation is also a reason to occur leg pain.

Areas of leg pain

  • Knee
  • Foot
  • Ankle
  • Heel
  • Calf
  • Thigh
  • Sciatica
  • Hip
  • Groin etc.
Sciatica is the most source of leg pain. This pain could be a sign of PVD(peripheral vascular disease). Mostly leg pain occurs in muscles, not in joints.
A low amount of water can drop the salt levels in your body. Which can lead to muscle cramps.

Symptoms of PVD

  • Atching in the foot while you do rest
  • You can feel numbness and weakness in the foot
  • Foot sores that would not heal

How to reduce leg Pain

Walk, Walk

Walking 30 minutes minimum 3 to 4 times a week can reduce your leg pain and also increase your overall health. muscles strength increases when you walk and it delivers the required oxygen to your leg muscles. It will pump your blood fastly to your body and heart.


Physical therapy for pain treatment is founded on the understanding that all forces in the body interact. When a nerve is pinched, it might be caused by muscle or fascia compression. The discomfort can be relieved by reducing the tension and restoring fluid mobility. It also works for various forms of pain.

Ice Therapy

Applying an ice pack we feel better. Use an ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes in an hour for the 3 days after symptoms start. Don’t use heat on that area where you feel pain because it may make swelling worse.

Try Massage

If you can not go to a massage therapist. you can do a massage at your home. The right way to massage is to strait your leg and do massage in the direction of the heart. Make sure the pressure is firm, not painful. There are many benefits of massage therapy. Massage will help you to recover from pain .

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