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Matrix Rhythm Therapy | First Time In Jaipur

Matrix Rhythm Therapy | First Time In Jaipur
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Matrix Rhythm Therapy is invented by Dr. Ulrich Randoll based on his research at Erlangen University, Munich Germany. Dr. Ulrich Randoll developed the device at the University of Erlangen, Germany in the 1990s.

Dr Randoll has earlier studied Dentistry and medicine and afterward worked as an intern in various clinics in Germany and Switzerland. In 1989 he became Assistant Physician at the Department of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Erlangen.

There he encountered cancer patients whose tumors in the mouth and throat area were so large. That even after operative removal the chances of survival were minimal.

He adopted the strategy of first trying to influence the rate of growth of the tumor by improving the overall conditions for the body’s normal cells – among other things by changing the patient’s lifestyle and nutrition, by increasing the oxygen saturation and improving the elasticity of body tissue on a systematic level.

The successes were promising, so Dr. Randoll went on to observe living cells, taken from fresh tissue of patients, with the help of in-vivo video microscopy, and to study their reactions to external chemical and physical influences.

This work was made possible by a 5-year research stipend for “Clinic-Linked Basic Research in Pain and Tumour Therapy”. The result pointed once more to the decisive role played by the external environment of cells (Extra Cellular Matrix) and Rhythmic pulsations of cells.

Unmatch Features of Matrixmobil for Matrix Rhythm Therapy

  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is the only therapy today that works on extracellular Matrix and Rhythm of cells and muscle.
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is only therapy available that delivers Alpha rhythm in the physiological frequency range between 8-12 Hz.
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is the only therapy that delivers variable frequency according to the tissue characteristics therefore now it is possible for therapists to treat sensitive tissues and in critical situations.New Techniques always work wonder!! So to Cure your pain 100 % Dr Pareek introduce Germany based “Matrix Rhythm Therapy | First Time In Jaipur ” thats why we called Mr. Mukul Pareek  Best Physiotherapist in Jaipur . So GUYS !!Dont wait just Fix your appointments.


Matrix Rhythm Therapy | First Time In Jaipur


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