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The Advantages Of Dry Needling

The Advantages Of Dry Needling
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Dry needling is quickly changing into standard among people that prefer therapeutic treatments to induce relief from muscle pain. filiform needles are used to release trigger points for the treatment of varied medical conditions. a number of these are muscle spasms, headache, epicondylitis, nerve pain, and myofascial pain.

You may get confused by comparing dry needling with acupuncture, however, they’re quite totally different from one another in terms perform and principle. it’s a western culture approach, whereas acupuncture may be a Chinese/Asian medicinal tradition.

The term is really used to outline the non-injection needling. In injection needling, hypodermic needles area unit used to inject chemicals or different agents like saline or anesthesia into tissues of specific body components. On the opposite hand, in dry needling, the treatment is conducted by using needles which give therapeutic effects once directed into the tissues of the body. Fine filament needles that area unit the same as those employed in treatment are employed in this treatment.

How Will It Work?

Dry needling may be a procedure wherever fine filament needles area unit inserted in a very person’s trigger points. These trigger points are placed in several muscles everywhere the body and react to a particular body point. These muscles unleash muscle tension once triggered by a needle, serving to treat the pain an individual is feeling. Relaxation of muscles is additionally elicited by golf shot pressure on specific pressure points.

The Basic distinction between Dry Needling and treatment

Dry needling and treatment are quite totally different practices, though some varieties of needles are used in each practice. ancient Chinese theories area unit followed in treatment within which needles are inserted into the body’s energy channels. once aroused, these channels can improve or have an effect on the energy flow of an individual.

On the opposite hand, research, western healthful practices, and pathophysiology area unit followed during this method. Needles are inserted within the muscle and ligament trigger points of a person’s body. This results in reducing muscle tension and decreasing the level of pain in a very specific space.

Benefits of Treatment

The leads to dry needling area unit typically quite pleasing, though there could also be variation within the leads to totally different patients. the essential advantages of this treatment are:

– an individual needs to go through lesser pain than different manual treatments.
– as compared to different manual treatments, dry needling results in comparatively lesser soreness.
– A lesser variety of sessions area unit needed within the whole treatment procedure.
– it should give permanent relief from the pain an individual is feeling.
– it should help rejuvenate muscles that are not operating effectively because of previous injuries.

Does the Treatment Hurt?

If the muscles of a body are in a very healthy condition, then this treatment won’t hurt a trifle and therefore the person might not even feel the needle pain in the slightest degree. but Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} few cases an individual might feel an aching sensation, a small pinch or a vellication sensation. Read More


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