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Yoga Poses for Morning Routine

Yoga Poses for Morning Routine
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Are you looking for a way to spice up your morning routine? Before you start your day, why not try a little yoga?

Yoga can not only enhance your flexibility and strength, but it can also boost your energy, reduce tension and anxiety, and help you lose weight.

Yoga has benefits for everyone, whether you’re new to the practise or an experienced yogi.

We’ve put together beginner, intermediate, and advanced routines to help you get your day started.

So here are some yoga morning routine poses :-

1. Chair Pose

Chair Pose is the most frequent name for it, because it implies something cosy and soothing. Personally, I think one of Utkatasana’s other translations, Thunderbolt, Fierce Pose, or Awkward Pose, is more apt.

Whatever you choose to call it, Utkatasana is a fantastic way to produce energy and generate heat in the body. It works the core and legs, as well as challenging the mind to stay present and cheerful, all of which are excellent benefits for a morning practise.

Chair Pose

2. Revolved Chair Pose

If you’re going to the hassle of sitting in your not-so-comfy chair, why not receive the twisting benefits of the revolving variation? Twisting poses help to improve detoxification by exerting a squeeze and release action on your digestive system and internal organs. On that topic, if you plan on getting twisty, I’d wait till after your practise to eat breakfast.

Revolved Chair Pose

3. Sun Salutations

Salute to the Sun is a series of postures that can be done in a variety of ways. They’re generally done as the sun rises, and no matter whatever form of Surya Namaskar you do, they’re a terrific way to warm up and begin to sync body movement with breath flow.

They’ll help you light up energetically by working on all seven major chakras, and the rhythmic movement can help you relax.

Sun Salutations

4. Low Lunge

Low Lunge  is like a bubble bath for my hip flexors since I have a troublesome psoas muscle that likes to grasp and shorten each chance it gets. The hips, arms, and torso have that delightful open stretched feeling, and the legs get stronger as well.

Interlacing the fingers behind the lower back and gradually bringing the hands away to open the chest and heart area is a great morning variation.

Low Lunge

5. Triangle Pose

Triangle is a fundamental yoga asana that activates and balances the root chakra, Muladhara, to give you a strong sensation of foundation and stability. It strengthens the legs and core, and the delicate twist opens and illuminates the heart region. Beautiful.

Triangle Pose

6. Dancer Pose

A chance to find a few moments of elegance on the mat, ahh. For two reasons, I’ve added it to the list. The backbend opens the heart area and releases a lovely surge of energy, and it also develops balance in the body and mind since it is a balance.

Dancer Pose


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